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David / Severe Low Back Pain

David suffered from chronic low back pain and felt like nothing could help him until he opted for treatment with spinal decompression in Royal Palm Beach Florida under the care of Dr. Sandra Hernandez. Spinal decompression stopped his pain.


Sandra / Chronic Low Back Pain

Sandra was desparate to get her life back and opted for the DRX9000 and non surgical spinal decompression a try. Sandra is now walking and enjoying life again after only 6 weeks of treatment.


Real Patient / Low Back Pain

This patient's low back pain preventer her from working with children at her place of work. After being in so much pain she could barley walk, she opted for treatment with the non surgical DRX9000 and is now completley pain free!

Real Patient / En Espanol


DRX 9000

“I have three herniated discs in my lower back. After 15 sessions on the DRX 9000, my pain level has decreased from an average of 8 to an average of 4. Most of the severe jolting pain has disappeared. I am able to carry on my day –to-day activities without much pain. I am very pleased with the results, so far, of my treatments on the DRX 9000.”
STEIN, JANET- West Palm Beach

“How to start a new life has been for me the treatment with the DRX 9000. Before I started I had lots of pain in my back and my legs that wouldn’t let me sleep and almost had no daily activities. After 12 sessions all my pain… disappeared without surgery or medicine.”

“I have a back injury that constantly gives me pain in my lower back. After receiving several sessions of treatment by Dr. Hernandez… using the machine (DRX 9000) has decreased my pain and suffering and made my daily functions at home and work much more manageable.” Thank you Dr. Hernandez.


“We can never say enough about new technology. The DRX 9000 has made it possible to reduce severe lower back and leg pain without surgery. I can truly testify to this from my own personal experience. When I started the DRX 9000 treatments about four weeks ago, my pain level on scale of 0-10 was a 10+ the day I walked into Dr. Hernandez office. I have suffered from constant lower back and leg pain for over 15 years. During this time I received many epidural injections and was constantly taking pain medication. I just finished my treatment, administered by Dr. Hernandez, and the pain level is now between 3 and 4. The DRX 9000 treatments are safe, painless, and drug-free and conducted in a comfortable environment. I hope to see further improvement with the daily exercises she has recommended. I will definitely recommend this treatment to others.” DARLENE EVERETTE - West Palm Beach

“Dr. Hernandez and her staff were very professional, courteous and efficient. My 20 treatments on the DRX 9000 did improve my back problem considerably.
I would recommend using this service highly.
The physical therapy exercises are now part of my daily routine.”
DENNIS FADER- Royal Palm Beach

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

I am very pleased with your entire team at HealthSource with respect to the level of professionalism and care I have received and continue to receive.
After a series of sessions comprised of chiro adjustments, DRX 9000 sessions, as well as physical therapy with Gerilyn, I am making significant improvements in strength, flexibility and reduction of lower back pain due to a severe herniated disc condition as per my MRI scans.

As a result, my general mood at work and in my personal life has been enhanced and this has positively impacted my performance at work and relationships in my home around my family and especially with my wife, Michele…

Michele said that I am not as much of a grump to deal with when I am not in pain all the time and I have more patience for the kids, especially when I am rested and not doubled over with back pain…

I am no longer taking any daily pain medications; I believe these pain medications are not good for overall health and wellness. I am deeply appreciative that my treatment plan at your health clinic has enabled me to wean myself off of all prescription medications, which I know have many negative side effects.
…I am thankful to be associated with your clinic…
With warm regards, DAVID KANE- Wellington

Approximately four weeks ago, when I first came here, I could barely move or walk without pain and was “locked up” in my back movements. With 4 weeks of treatment on DRX 9000 this weekend I took all the shtingles off of my roof, carried the entire new material up a ladder to the roof, and installed the new material. Thank you Dr. Hernandez for greatly improving the quality of my life. MIGUEL OLIVER –WPB

Prior to starting the DRX 9000 I was in acute pain and had difficulty walking and doing activities. I had stopped working and was bed bound for about 2 weeks when I started the DRX within the first week of treatments my ability improved and the pain decreased so that I could start to tolerate daily activities. I have had 13 treatments so far and in that time I have been able to return full time to work and can function with minimal pain.

Thanks to the treatment from HealthSource of Royal Palm Beach- KIMBERLY DELEON- Loxahatchee

Dr. Sandra Hernandez and her staff did an excellent job of relieving my back pain. Before I started treatment with Dr. Hernandez, I had been going to another Dr. for 3 months and I had significant back pain. Dr. Hernandez recommended adjustments, DRX 9000, and Physical Therapy to relieve my pain. Shortly after the treatments began I got significant relief. For the first time in many years, I now have almost no back pain. I am very pleased with the results of my treatment and feel the combination of chiropractic adjustments, DRX 9000 treatments and physical therapy cured my back pain I highly recommend Dr. Hernandez and her outstanding staff to anyone who is looking for relief of back pain.
LINDA CARLAND- Royal Palm Beach

In 1976 at the age of 19 I suffered a spinal injury to my lower back. I spent 2 weeks on bed rest and never went to the doctor. Then a few months later I started getting numbness and tingling in my left leg, then it started going into my right leg. The pain was like somebody was pulling the veins out of my outer upper thighs. Then in 2007 I started going to a pain management Dr. who gave me epidural spinal back injections once a month, also the Dr. had me on Fentanyl patches and Lorcet 10/650. I found out that the injections did nothing for me, so I stopped having the injections which are very costly,and also stopped the Fentanyl patches. However I still take the Lorcet for lower back pain. I also have to mention that I take care of my mother who is 74 and a double amputee so this is very hard on my back. … I contacted Dr. Hernandez’s office and was seen that same day. I now go 3 times a week. I’m actually addicted to this table if I could go 7 days a week I would do so. Now I have been in this pain for 31years. I don’t expect miracles overnight. My pain level was 10+ now it’s 7. Good things do take time! Dr. Hernandez and her staff I feel were God sent as well as the DRX 9000.

Thank you very much Dr. Hernandez and staff. PAMELA JACKSON

HealthSource of Royal Palm Beach
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